Reverse Engineering

A big problem can be solved with tiny changes. If we can meticulously design and adjust your team to focus on the vision.

I like the analogy of trekking as an example to achieve a target in a successful business. Climbing a summit is not the only goal of a trekker. They want to become a good trekker so that they can enjoy the journey and the entire group reach the summit.

Let’s break this down into a software teams. Every company has a milestone to achieve ours is to add 10 more clients and provide them affordable access to data science and insights. We are currently at the base of the mountain. The first step is to get to the 1st basecamp before the sundown. Normally there are multiple basecamps before you reach the top of the summit. I hope you understood how you reach at the top of a mountain.

Now let’s say we have 10 team members and we start from the base. There will be few who are not prepared for the trek, there will be few who don’t have proper tools, there will be few who are thinking of how they will see the snow at the summit, there will be few who will complain how difficult it is to walk on this rough pathways, few would have joined because of some peer pressure, few because they had no choice or no where else to go.

Can you imagine the chaos of the team before even the start of the journey?

Issues faced by the leaders or the interested people of the team

  • Leaders start getting anxious and stressful if we will reach on time
  • Few people well go ahead and leave the weakones behind to follow
  • Some responsible ones will go behind the ones who are not ready
  • Leader will have to fix individual problems
  • In some cases leader has to push people to move forward
  • The worst will be carrying people on the back to make the progress
  • The enthusiam of the achievers who made it to basecamp dries up
  • The Leader is exhausted for the next day

Now I can explain you each and every point in correlation of the above topic which will include, lack of programming skills, lack of design thinking, poor planning, team lacking intention, leader coding for her teammate, laptop not upgraded, no code ownership etc. I think you are smart reader and you can draw parallel to the issues and how it will stop you from reaching the summit.

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