Reading is faster than listening

Reading is faster than listening. Doing is faster than watching.

Naval Ravikant

In this post, I will share something that I took action on rather than watching more similar content.

  1. People First :- Since last year the focus of was to focus on people first. Why Team First? We believe that clients love working with teams that work well together. Recently I applied one of the being average action and mentioned about having an monthly one-on-one meeting with each member. This will keep me in touch with the current culture to our desired vision. The act of doing it within 48 hours helped me to gain insights, create contetn and try to influence team towards our vision.
  2. Revenue 2X :- One of my mentor at the start of 2020 gave me a target of 5X revenue in 1 year when I mentioned him that my target is 50% growth in revenue and 2X by second year. However we reached 2.5X in two years despite of the pandemic. However the the method in which we did was brute force and it took too much energy. A better way could be to leverage code and media so that it works for us. Thus the whole team start to focus on creating assests and not transacting time for money. I am not sure what the result would be however it would be intresting to focus on few things well.
  3. Clarity Writing :- This daily writing is a act of thinking for me. It is difficult be honest and open. It shows lot of my shotcoming and I am fine with it. There is a conflict of my desire self and my current self. Since I am in a constant improving journey and the gap will be there. The writing is only helping me to enjoy the process of acomplishing my goal. My montly income has grown multiflods from my first salary 17 years back. I am happy about it. However I think if my english would have been better my Net Worth would have been atleast 4 times of my current.
  4. Saying No :- The next I need to start is to teach people How to say No. This one is the big one. I learnt this lesson when I was young that if you are in a hole the first thing you must do is to stop digging further. You will not be able to get out of the hole by that action but it will set a stage to get out of it. Similarly in you work life you end up wasting too much time doing work that doesn’t matter to you. Your waste work is only there for you to massage your ego, take your focus of your target or blur your clarity of thoughts. You must ask your self why am I doing this?
  5. Optimising Delegation :- I am lazy and openly admit it. I am of a school of thought that when you can get the same out put by doing less. Why not get it done and later think about if there is an value in adding more value. We all busy building wrong product which is not required by most people out there. You may know that more than 70% of features in a software is never used by a single user. If our team members start delegating the task either to juniors or interns that could give them back some time to think. This could be a used as a leverage to make adjustment to get a 2X outcome.

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