I don’t know what’s with the Indian society that the status for being right is the most important thing as an individual. This right doesn’t mean moral right or ethical right. It means you are forbidden from making any mistakes for your entire life. You are giving exams for the rest of your life and people, society and friends are constantly judging you to check if you are right. When your profession is not related to sports than losing is not an option. You have to win every day, every minute and every second. You have to be optimized as if you are living like a swiss watch precision of 99.999999999999999% anything less means you are a total failure and are miserable.

This guy is on a rant, read it to have a laugh

Now that I have taken my frustration out in the above para. Let me share the downside of having this closed mindset of being right all the time.

In case you are a free thinker, business person, consultant, seeking financial freedom, looking for a second income source, want to improve your status in society, entrepreneur, podcaster, youtuber, content creator, artist, freelancer etc here are the downsides

  1. You will never be able to run experiments
  2. You will be know for draining energy and micromanaging
  3. You will not come up with creative ideas
  4. Failure for you will never be an oppurtunity to learn
  5. You will always find weight on your shoulders and back

Wow! How did he know about these 5 downsides of being right?

In case you are doing a job

  1. You work standard = A little above not getting fired
  2. You will not be ready for the Digital economy of future
  3. Your pace of learning will be very slow, mostly stagnant.
  4. You won’t be the key memeber of your team or company
  5. You team member will never come to you for help

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