This year I have decided on a different approach to reading books. The normal school of thought is to read as many new books as you can. There is another school of thought to read a few books 100 times. I want to give it a shot and only focus on books that will impact progress in our business. I choose 5 books and there is a particular reason to choose them. I will not disclose the names first but share my reasons with you. The selection of these books is based on the simplicity of writing, timelessness, practicality, insights and relatability.

  1. Marketing in the way that works in the current digital world. The tag line of the book says People like us do things like this. This one is purely on the basis of building a small business like a brand that works on a value system. Your size doesn’t reflect your standard. Being a small team can be an advantage to you if you create work for people who care to talk about it.
  2. The lesson of diffrence between working on your business and working in your business. This book talk about Systems that could turn your buinsess in to a turn key solution. The 3 diffrent roles of technician, manager and enterprenuer is explained in great detial and how you get stuck being a technician.
  3. What work really means to you? The definition in this book might hurt you due to the way they challange the normal way we work. The efforts are replaced with efficiency. They say you don’t need more hours you need better hours. Against conventional wisdom they preach to do less than your competition to beat them by solving simple problem and leaving the difficult one to the competition.
  4. A revolutionary way to get 1 percent better every day. Thinking habits in terms of compounding effect of hundreds of small decisions. The practical application of cutting-edge psychology and neuroscience. The signifiance of tiny changes made over time bringing in 10X outcome is something hard to imagine. The 4 laws are part of the framework and you can put any change in life possible. The journey of the change is not hard
  5. The last book is about effortless. The title is a clickbait however there are examples that focus on most essential activities that are easy to do. Its all about setting sustainable pace and removing unnecessary steps from your process. Its will show you how to achieve the results you want without buring out. It is based on the principle that achieving more doesn’t have to be hard as we make it out to be. Past a certain point, more effort doesn’t produce better performance. It sabotages our performance.

If you have already noticed that all the books are in the same school of thought and most important for me is I am more comfortable with this school of thought. I algin with the point that in the knowledge business we are in every work is not similar and there is work that can be done with 10X outcome. This high-value outcome must be charged at least 2X to 3X. You can create systems, environments, messaging, clarity and product that can help you build a successful business. This business will add value to your clients along with the people you have in your team.

The 5 books in the order mentioned above are This is Marketing by Seth Godin, The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber, ReWork by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried, Atomic Habits by James Clear and Effortless by Greg McKeown. I have already read this book and this year I will re-read it multiple times.

Do you want to know which 5 books I am reading again in 2022?


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