Less is More

In my previous article, I spoke about the Paradox of how chasing to become a successful businessman is counterintuitive. You can read about it where I explained what actions are I need to take that are completely focused on the sustainability analyst. The byproduct of my actions will bring in more clients, more work and… Continue reading Less is More


It’s one of those skills that very few know how to use or just be. In the post-pandemic business world, it’s welcomed more than ever. The reason has been that people are more empathic to each other. Most of us have seen and its surface that food, clothing, roof, family are the most important things… Continue reading Vulnerability


This year I have decided on a different approach to reading books. The normal school of thought is to read as many new books as you can. There is another school of thought to read a few books 100 times. I want to give it a shot and only focus on books that will impact… Continue reading Books