English Accent

A question came up during my daily 1-on-1 with my team. “How to better understand the client’s English accent during the client call?” This post is about the 5 step-by-step systems that will answer the question. Five Steps System to handle the English accent of the client Practice: Watch any pre-recording of the client we… Continue reading English Accent

Asking Clients

There is a whole fear, ambiguity, red tape, doubts and formality. The service provider and a client have a working relationship that is built on service agreements and contracts. The promise that is agreed upon depends on what is written in the document. The clients will only benefits when they get maximum value with the… Continue reading Asking Clients

An Average Company

Traits you will find in an average company Delivering on commitments Friendly customer support Faster response time Consistent predictable outcome Provide value for money Leveraging technology automation Promote more collabration Believe in building community Shared learning Culture Focus on the vision Does all of these sound like generic average company traits? Someone claiming to be a… Continue reading An Average Company

Less is More

In my previous article, I spoke about the Paradox of how chasing to become a successful businessman is counterintuitive. You can read about it where I explained what actions are I need to take that are completely focused on the sustainability analyst. The byproduct of my actions will bring in more clients, more work and… Continue reading Less is More


Psychographics is the study of consumers based on their activities, interests, and opinions (AIOs). It goes beyond classifying people based on general demographic data, such as age, gender, or race. Psychographics seeks to understand the cognitive factors that drive consumer behaviours. Yesterday’s after we finalized the vision of 73bit.com. I went into a frenzy about different possibilities… Continue reading Psychographic