In 2021 we invested heavily in building our team we will reach 20 members soon. This year we are focused on building our culture.

Why Team First? We believe that clients love working with teams that work well together.

Team First

  1. Help your colleagues – Ask for help without the fear of judgement
  2. The team over Individual – Always work as a team
  3. Progress over Perfection – Small progress is a time for celebration
  4. Collaboration over Competition – Our growth depends on teams outcome.
  5. Shared Learning is our Super Power
  6. Clear Communication means clear thinking

Any successful company needs a mission and a vision that is beyond the yearly revenue. We don’t have anything like that, both the owners are of different personalities and they have opposite skills. That is very useful to run a profitable business which we are been doing for the past 7 years. It’s time to take it to the next level.

Right now we can only think about making more revenue so that we can fund more innovation in our company. Build a culture of learning and adding value to the client.

It would have been really good if we could have discovered our vision and the problem we are trying to solve in this world. Below mentioned is our current vision but it doesn’t say why we are solving it? and how we are solving it? Which problem of sustainability researchers and analysts we are solving?

We want to be a provider of technological solutions to 100 teams of sustainability researchers and analysts so that they can help save our planet by analysing the data collected for the impact companies are creating on the planet.

The vision behind the Culture 

  • We want to 2X our business and in order to do that we need to 2X our throughput/outcome so that our team get good benefits
  • The idea here is to focus on a few areas to improve like a convex lens can concentrate the sun’s rays to burn a hole in a piece of paper.
  • We believe that if every one of us is aligned to the current culture mentioned above it should be easy to achieve a 2X outcome
  • The more you remove waste, inefficiency, miscommunication, no feedback, sloppy work, unskilled work, rough work etc the more we will align ourselves with the collective outcome.
  • In the Digital World success is dependent on leveraging code, automation and written media to duplicate freely and solve simple problems for many users at once
  • Currently, we have 15 Clients so the idea here is to find ways to double them in 1 year.


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