unable to be touched; not having a physical presence.

Culture is intangible. You can not measure culture but may see some signals. You don’t revenue benefits of culture in the first year. It often makes you think about why would you invest in the culture?

Before we get into the reasons, let’s see some signals.

  1. Junior asking challenging questions to team lead aligned with creating value
  2. Seniors come up with ideas that complete a task in 1/10 of the time
  3. Leaders conducting high-risk experiments and making big decisions
  4. Juniors learning new skills without immediate transactions value.
  5. Explaining with valid reasons and delivering plan B
  6. Increasing ability to say NO and listen to NO
  7. Leads explain why it is okay to wait for 2 hours for your messages.

You will reap the dividend once each one of you lives the culture. Identifies tasks that give zero or negative revenues for the company. Your team takes a leap of faith with experiments that can produce 10X growth. You and your team are comfortable handling failures and talking about them with your clients. Your company gets paid for thinking.

Your culture may have different outcomes, but it will be the same for every team member and each client. Your clients will make decisions on your behalf because they know what your answers will be. They know certain kinds of work you will never say yes to.

Culture is more like a healthy lifestyle choice that you make in every micro decision, and you are known for it.


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