It is fascinating that we don’t achieve small milestones because we spend a lot of time on other unrelated activities. Attention to detail is one of those practices that, done consistently, will help you achieve your milestone effortlessly. We are not attracted to it because it sounds like paperwork.

Boring, mundane and work.

You like it or not but similar to working out; you have to put in the reps. Follow the process of waking up early, tieing your shoes, going for the run, eating right and drinking water. The process continues even after you achieve your milestone. That’s your key. It becomes a part of your company’s culture, and a habit everyone in your company follows.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You have to make sure that you have a well-maintained wheel. Replace it once it has a lot of wear and tear. Check the air pressure often. You may not find all this strategically important, but you need good wheels for a long journey.

Are all your wheel moving in the same direction at the same speed towards the destination you want to be?

Stop and ask this question to your team.


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