I think of the below image whenever I hear the word blueprint.

Blueprint from

I always thought it needs a sophisticated talented team with millions of dollars of funding. You need a big glass building and pricy machines and technology at hand. You need a fancy degree and extraordinary brilliance.

We have grown our business with simple ideas executed with great details. Over the past 7 years, we have tripled our revenue. We have increased our team size more than 7 times. In one recent work experiment, I witnessed an example of a blueprint which our team applied and it worked like a charm.

I will put it below in the form of a checklist below

  1. A new idea came up in a sales call
  2. We found the simplest way to solve it
  3. Created 4 point step by step action plan
  4. Questions were asked and it was replied
  5. Every step of the way was clear
  6. It was communicated to be done during a days time
  7. The team went to work on it.
  8. Completed it on time and ready for demo.

The Step by Step action plan had the following characteristics and which made me think that we have the blueprint of success.

  • Easy to understand by the entire team
  • 100% confidence to complete it
  • Not a single doubt after the plan was discussed
  • No indications or reasons for surprises.
  • It felt effortless from the start.

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