Why do talent works?

I like the word talent used for the team member. I think it makes sense for knowledge work. It’s known wisdom that most people work for good pay. Salary is one of the primary factors for someone to choose a job but it’s not the only one.

I think there are three important factors

  1. Money
  2. Work-Life
  3. Growth

Money is important and the payroll has to be on time. We have kept a simple strategy to keep a reserve year salaries for all our team members. It gives us the leverage of making a long term decision. Thus giving our team opportunities to learn and get enough time to play good role in 73bit.com.

Work-Life balance is the world of remote world plays a very different role. The work from home world has diffrent challenges in communication, collaboration and accountability. It needs to be talked about more. There can be phase of talent where they are making transition of diffrent phase of life. It needs to be balance while at work.

Growth can be build during their work experience. I think talent can do that by learning techniques, skills, new projects, processes and next level. It can be only possible if there is space for growth in the work culture. I think it can be done by design and every one can benefit from it. It should be intregal part of the work.


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