As good writers always advise that writing is all about editing. Removing the words which are not required. Replacing complex words with simpler ones. Converting 10 words sentences into 5 words. Splitting longer paragraphs into 2-3 lines.

Let me edit the above paragraph which is already easy to read.

Writing is about editing. Remove not required words. Smaller sentences with simpler words. Paragraphs only of 2-3 lines.

Can you see the difference?

It took my double effort to write the 2nd paragraph. Let me know which one you liked?

I liked 1st paragraph. It’s explains better even tough it is longer

Are you wondering why am I giving you writing lessons?

You can use the idea to apply at your work and business and it all starts with editing one task, one time that you think you are good at. Improve it 1 step at a time. Take feedback. Rinse and Repeat. You measure your progress by looking at the trend.

I liked 2nd paragraph. It’s crisp and to the point. No mass


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