Golden Hour

The purpose of my life is not to serve my business but the sole purpose of my business is to serve my life. Thus I go to work on my business and not in it.

from the book The EMyth Revisited

Our team working on the system we created for our business. Their purpose is to run the system so that it produces value to our clients and benefit from the leverage to continue to grow in their career. This growth includes skill development, confidence building, ability to influence, creative thinking and of course making good money.

It’s my job to create the step by step process to build a system that works smoothly with the effortless involvement of our team. Their job is to play it like a game with a chance of winning more than 80%.

When we are not there yet. I need to identify 1 task that every one of us can do each morning to get leverage that can add revenue without moving breaking our back. It’s a calculated risk that we have to design and take.

Golden hour is one activity that every one of us is doing so that the company gains leverage to build on it.


I do have one such activity for 73bit too. It’s about commenting on LinkedIn posts by people from our client community. On average after reading and understanding the post we put about 2-3 thoughtful comments per person per day.

Potential Benefits

  1. Ability to put 800 to 1200 comments per month
  2. It gives us ability to put get about 100 – 200 enagement
  3. We get a chance to help our community with our insights
  4. Team members of learns more about our clients work
  5. Team member improve on better thinking and writing skills

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