Listen Up!

Listening to understand is one of the lost skills in the world of business. The world is bombarded with so much information that we are constantly thinking about what to speak next. The art of listening has completely or almost living the face of the earth. That’s what my observation is while working with the… Continue reading Listen Up!

Slow Productivity

The central goal of Slow Productivity is to keep an individual worker’s volume at a sustainable level. This was written in the NewYorker by Cal Newport on January 3, 2022. You can read the article here. Recent research out of Iceland, for example, had more than twenty-five hundred participants, many of them in desk jobs,… Continue reading Slow Productivity

How to learn from a Setback?

Setback  — something that causes a delay or stops progress At work, you will often find setbacks because of multiple reasons. Some common ones are miscommunication, mismanagement, no planning, incorrect expectations, waiting without direction, unclarity, inactivity, playing safe, wasting time, indecision, misguided, lack of judgement, inability to anticipate, urge of being right all the time, not… Continue reading How to learn from a Setback?


the devil is in the details More often than not the play is in the execution. Everyone is excited about vision and strategy. Some people fail to see the big picture but are happy to learn it. They fail to apply it in the day to day work. They don’t connect each tiny task to… Continue reading Details

Guaranteed Results

A job may guarantee that you will get the result of a monthly paycheck. It’s often when you get into the business after working for some year in a job to ask for a guarantee. It’s your subconscious mind that always puts your focus back on it. As you may have already known where focus… Continue reading Guaranteed Results

I don’t know

It’s one of those sentences that need courage, confidence and care. It’s not only about telling it. It’s about meaning it and displaying humility. A leader needs to communicate their vulnerability and ask for help, especially from their team. You don’t become a leader to be right. You become one to take forward the cause.… Continue reading I don’t know

North Star

We have finally crafted our vision statement that we are happy with. Our vision is to help every sustainability analyst find insights with affordable data science Vision statement works like a North Star to a sailor. When you are in the sea at night and are travelling in the north direction, you follow the… Continue reading North Star


The general school of thought is to put in more effort to gain the outcome or results. You will put back your Sundays or weekdays to complete our backlog. The people who share the idea of putting less effort are demonised, questioned or criticized. Many leaders are only measuring efforts. How many hours is my… Continue reading Effortless

Less is More

In my previous article, I spoke about the Paradox of how chasing to become a successful businessman is counterintuitive. You can read about it where I explained what actions are I need to take that are completely focused on the sustainability analyst. The byproduct of my actions will bring in more clients, more work and… Continue reading Less is More


Let’s talk about failure today. The fear of failure has so much opportunity cost that people don’t even try to attempt the challenge. Making mistakes are considered taboo in our society, let alone talking about it is a shame. There is so much fog and mystery of being right all the time that you miss… Continue reading Game