Shared Learning

Shared Learning within and with clients will always be our superpower

You can find this 5th pillar of our culture of Team First at 73bit. You can find it here We have picked these 7 pillars for our culture that is more aligned with our strength

In the group of people who appreciate and love the idea of learning. It is still a skill that needs practice and action attached to the information. In business and work it’s more about applied learning. Attending a session, lecture, workshop, coaching or watching video does not help you take real advantage of learning.

There are 4 stages of learning

  • Stage 1 Unconcious Incompetance
  • Stage 2 Concious Incompetance
  • Stage 3 Concious Competance
  • Stage 4 Unconcious Competance

So attending the session or reading up stuff online means you are at Stage 2. Many of us stop there. You need is to practice it at your work and gain competence. Your work starts producing high-quality outcomes. The ideal thing to do would be to move to Stage 4 so that you are identified as an expert in the area you learned.

I truly believe all below skills are learnable

  1. Leadership
  2. Human Skills/Soft Skills
  3. Working as a team player
  4. Asking better questions
  5. Creative thinking
  6. Communication
  7. Networking
  8. Asking for help
  9. Calculated Risk
  10. Delegating


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