Cheat Day

There is a big stigma around missing your practice a day. You think you have lost the plot when you miss a day. It could be any of the following

  1. Writing your daily post in your blog
  2. Solving wordle
  3. Going for a walk
  4. Meditation
  5. Making a Sales call
  6. Working on your business
  7. Planing for the day
  8. Reading few pages in a book
  9. Daily Team Check-in
  10. Healthy meal (Every day is my cheat day)

The obsession to get something done daily gets into an abdication. Like I wrote an article for the past 60 days and I missed yesterday. Is it such a big deal to miss it? I don’t know. I felt bad that I did not even notice it until today. I had a great day yesterday and it was a holiday too.

It made me think about how can take this new habit into more of a lifestyle and click a balance between quantity and quality too. The objective of writing these posts is not to hit any daily target. It’s to document my journey of entrepreneurship. It can be interpreted as signalling or creating a personal brand. There are many posts that are written genuinely to help interns, team members and peers who are on a similar journey as mine.

A few of my friends recently mentioned that these posts find too complicated to understand. Maybe it is out of context. It should resonate with someone. I will try to keep them short in future maybe 2-3 paragraphs and keep it to the point. Even though my intention is to help but if people find it difficult to read then what’s the point of the post. The leverage I have here is completely missed. I think these ideas are worth spreading and only one understands them let alone apply them its useless.


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