Vacations and breaks play an essential role in your business life. You will never take a break when you see business as a race. When you see it as a journey, you will find the importance of the break. It’s a part of what makes your business a success.

I took a 2-week break after two years post lockdown. It was interesting that I never looked into the emails or thought about my work. I was more interested in learning about my cousins’ dreams, talking to different business people, and having deeper conversations about making money.

I am a big enthusiast of taking breaks. I think that the knowledge business can make more profits when you leverage your subconscious brain. These breaks help you connect back to yourself; you start observing different people, cultures and stories. The reason for embarking on the business journey is to solve the world’s problems.

You can see tiny problems while you are away from your work. You can add to your worldview. You can identify small triggers that could change someone’s life. You can challenge to get challenged in different interactions. You can learn a lot from the people you visit.


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