It’s easy to do wishful thinking and read about better ways to build your business. The truth gets exposed when the rubber meets the road. When you have a team and you are doing a service business to fulfil the client’s need. You are unable to predict what delight your clients and which deals are loss making. What is your leadership style and which client should distance yourself?

It’s easy to put your head down and just work on what you think needs to be done. It’s a lot harder to pull your head up and ask why. Here are some important questions to ask yourself to ensure you’re doing work that matters: 8 Question mentioned below is also from the book

in the book Rework
  1. Why are you doing this?
  2. What problem are you solving?
  3. Is this actually useful?
  4. Are you adding value?
  5. Will this change behavior?
  6. Is there an easier way?
  7. What could you be doing instead?
  8. Is it really worth it?

You as a leader have only 1 job

How much time do you spend each week thinking about how to double your results with half the effort?

You’re a business owner.

And business owners need to work ON the business in addition to (or instead of) working IN the business.

What does working ON the business mean?

It means creating systems that allow you to do more with less.

This is your real job.

That’s your truth. You will not like it and you will have to get out of your comfort zone. Make uncomfortable conversations and make tough decisions to make your vision a reality. The sacrifices and risks will be larger than your expectation. You will have to take a stand and leave money on the table. The path will have plans of life.


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