Work Standard

Today we are going to talk about precision in our work. We know what the right things to do are and at times we are obsessed with doing the right things, be it working on the task with 100% efficiency or making sure we don’t make a single mistake in our process. In the world of business the work we put in has a price to it and often you like it or not that price is being decided by your clients. Even if you do a level 10 work and if your client’s thing that your work is worth only level 2 you’re going to get paid for level 2 work. You can always argue, get disappointed and bargain on the price point. However the market is right.

I’m not trying to be less optimistic here I am trying to be more pragmatic to leveling up your standards and how you can do it by segmenting the area of your work that is more valuable to your clients. It could be some part which is easy to do for you and is highly visible to your client. They even are ready to pay more for it so whenever you are walking on the journey of transformation towards leveling your work standard up you could focus more on the task that your clients value. The reason for it is not to earn some quick money the reason for it to understand your clients better to understand what is valuable to them and focus most of your energy towards achieving the results and outcomes that they’ve want. It also raised the question what tradeoffs you are happy to do.

We often make a mistake of setting the standards as per a point of you rather than trying to understand the point of you our client I am not telling that the level 10 standard that you think that your client wants is not important. I am just telling that the path that have chosen to level up to level 10 may or may not be right and if you can make sure that your client is in your journey of bringing more value to the level of standard that you think will work for them is something that’s worth while doing when you try to match the expectations in real time. I have seen my team and even my friends trying to do the best without asking the question the best for whom? Is it the best for you or Is it the best what the industry says or is it the best for your client. You will always have a better chance when you focus on one thing and in this case the focus must be on your clients.

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