1 Free & Easy tool to track your social media referrals

Recently one of my friend asked me below mentioned question.

How can I track how many clicked the referral link via my Instagram bio?

I wondered there should be an easy way without setting up your website and manage it via google analytics. It was a quick search and easy use. The answer is use bitly.com and its Free.

The use case explained below, Say you have an Instagram account and you are promoting a brand. For example purpose you are promoting www.nike.com

Login to bitly via your Facebook or Twitter account. You can also create a new signup. I created a new signup. Once you login you will see below screen. Bitly

Next you click on top right orange button Create Bitlink. You will see the screen below. First you paste the long link of your referral in the box which says “PASTE LONG URL”. Example: www.nike.com  Click on create button on the bottom of the page.


You will moved to another page displayed on the right side EDIT BITLINK. On Edit page update the “TITLE” box as some meaningful name – Instagram (Any social media site you want to track the source from). Then click Save.


That’s it. You are done. Your link is ready for tracking. See below.


Now it is time to test. Copy the link and paste it into your Instagram bio. I tested it for my site and below is the result on your dashboard.


The same with full screen and additional dashboard information for multiple links.


If you have any further question add it on the comments below. I will try to answer them.

Happy Tracking!!!


The week after the big training week

You must have taken at least 1 business training or any other training to improve your business and life. I did it many times before and a more recent one which is an year long program. A big commitment as a team. I was very excited and all set for the transformation it will bring to my business.

The training was magnificent something I have never experienced before.

  1. I felt lot inspired and more confident of making my vision a reality, even completed a long pending blog post I wanted to write long back. It was all good feeling, all the idea were already possibility in my mind. The life was all high!
  2. Chatted all possibility with my business partner, It was a party!!! We discussed  and discussed  all the to-do we can do, and we must do immediately. We stopped all the things we were trying to do and just went into all that happened and started discussing on all points we came across. I wonder it was more thinking and talking.
  3. Created a whats app group of all the students who came to the training. We all talked about all the amazing experience. Shared all the pictures and video. Appreciating each other strengths and wished each other for all success.
  4. Told all the detail stories to my wife. I was so pumped with all the experience from morning 9am till 3am in the night. It was all small story that popped up here and there. I keep telling her all the time for the week after my training.


I did not took any action in my real business that would move my Business forward.

Which means the week before my training and week next after my training was same. We worked in the business. For those who got it, will understand. For other I will explain it some other time.

Its with heavy pain I am writing this.

I took stock of my actions in the following week, I had to document this so that it may help some one out there. I think that, this is the number 1 reason why all the training you do doesn’t help. However having said that. I have got a way to implement all the learning. Let me try that and bring it to you how it turned out. Remember I am at the same position as your are in the journey of Entrepreneurship

Happy Entrepreneurship !

After two years of Entrepreneurship


It feels amazing to be in the business for two years now. Last year was a great landmark for my experience as a Entrepreneur, we achieved a remarkable milestone. The best part of being an Entrepreneur or Businessman is that we can set our own rules and the race is with our own self. Yes there is always the eco-system in which we need to play.


I started my second year with keeping a focus more long term perspective hence we make some hard decision to focus of adding value to the existing clients over short term profits. We also made some improvements in our process and methods of delivering quality software, like dedicating an entire day in a week to improve our product. The action we took and executed swiftly was highly appreciated and all our clients were happy about it. To focus on fewer things and make deep progress was really beneficial for us.


I have always been related to happiness and I look for every opportunity for being happy. Happiness is an abstract thing and different for every one. You cannot have a switch to make one happy. However you can have fun in any situation. If you think enough and use a your creativity you can have fun. Work is separated from fun, I really don’t understand why you cannot have fun while working. Your workplace is where you spend maximum amount of time of your life. Example: When things go wrong, have a laugh with the junior team member and think why there is a loophole in your business for such mistake which could be avoided in the first place.


Freedom is one of the most valuable assets that I leveraged. Be it the number of hours in my office. (I reduced it) The freedom to think of crazy ideas and ways to implement. The freedom to chose the goals and not to get distracted from noise. The freedom to have a healthier life. Also the freedom to work on weekend to help our clients better. Its not that earlier I couldn’t do the above but now I have the choice and freedom to structure my day according to my will. The ownership of my freedom lies in my hand. Having said that, It makes me look like I am making use of my freedom in a very conservative way.


Last year we ran a feedback survey with all our clients. We found really some great insights from them. The area of our strength was our team’s responsiveness to them, which has nothing to do with the core product & service line we offer. Similarly we got a unified answers to the areas of our  product where we can improve. The method we used was a simple Net Promoter Score. Thanks to all the business men/women who came and created all this simple and wonderful tools to run the business more smoothly. Also we started our search for new clients and business development strategy. The methods we opt for is simple and easy to execute. Thus helping us to make progress in right direction.


I often read that journey is more important than destination, but quite never understood it’s meaning. I personally enjoy various experiences over possession of things. So in this journey of business, be it getting new work from existing clients or the tough calls of less work from them. The happy client meeting or the concerns from them. The destination to my journey is not fixed yet but I already feel good about it. The feeling of being in an adventure.

Last year’s post is here

Happy Entrepreneurship!

5 Health lessons for an Entrepreneur

Happy New Year 2017!

I am going to talk about the experience I had last year when I became the director of www.73bit.com, it was an unbelievable experience. During that year I had an idea of taking care of my health a little. Simply to loss some weight, however to using some simple hack and make the living changes. I took some tip from a friend who had a dietitian. Even the exercise I selected was all cardio like swimming, walking, climbing stairs and cycle to work. Keeping in mind that all the changes I make in living is simple to follow and sustainable for long term. The food choices were more healthier green and raw. I won’t be specific here because I don’ think I am qualified to mention about anything. Let’s cut to the chase I lost around 10 kg over the period of 11 months and the graph is given below. I am very proud of it because earlier I thought I will be only losing 5 kg. Not only I was able to do that with in 3 months but manage to live it for another several months.


Now coming to the lesson learned of maintaining the weight and keeping the top line in small business

  1. Partners are awesome. The actions we need to take are known to us and the missing piece is partner & team. Both in getting healthier and running my business I had a partner. The milestones were set together, the checks and corrections were made collaboratively. It helps when people around you know what you are aiming for and they can also be a part of journey and benefit from it.
  2. Patience is key. Earlier on the rocket burns a lot of fuel to get it self up against the gravity. Similarly to roll the ball you need the initial inertia and faith that things are going to be awesome. What we focused on was to only concentrate on the actions and measure only 1 factor in out come. One is better than Zero. You can challenge the choice of measuring unit both the weight and top line revenue. However the reason we choose it because it is easy to calculate and shows up every time.
  3. Simple means not easy. The plan and action I took was simple. To keep it continuous for whole year was not easy. There were time when the craving for the Indian sweets or feeling of not answering to that mundane support ticket always came. But the idea to break it down and the thought of fulfilling the simple outcome made me overcome it. I was not successful 100% of the time but didn’t made it slip out of my hand.
  4. Celebrating the small victory. It becomes very important to celebrate all the small victory because keeping the ball rolling is what helps you. It may sound like cliche, but that is how the reality distortion with work in a smaller version. To make the feeling of victory so remarkable just like a child enjoys the sweet candy given to them. There will be definitely milestones in your field which you can attain and if you keep doing hundreds and thousands of time you will achieve your goal.
  5. Make it a growth movement. In case of loosing some weight there are 4 people in my team who lost collectively 55 kg. I am not sure about you but I think that is some weight loss. The idea is to make people around you grow with you. Similarly our clients are happy based on the client survey we conducted and had reached some benchmarks in their goals. We also have the team member who is pretty happy working with us and  has done some good work. The business related achievements are not measurable. We feel good about the business.

The analogy of health is simply to get the measured outcome of weight. However the lessons can be drawn in parallel to the business and make is a success story. I am happy with the results and if the tactics & ideas can help you archive your goals that would be wonderful.

Have a great year ahead! Wish you achieve your dream.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?


There are many out there who wants to take a leap of faith and get into the unknown of being an entrepreneur or become a leader in their craft. I took that leap couple of years back. I am still in the transition to play my part as an entrepreneur. I must confess that I don’t know all the answers to the question. However I have the curiosity to search for it. One of the way to find is from the person who has already done it.

One of such person is Michael E. Gerber who wrote E-Myth. The Wall Street Journal named the E-Myth the #1 business book of all time (November 2011) having sold millions of copies and has now been applied in 145 countries, in 29 languages and is taught in 118 universities. He has over 40 year of experience.

He has created a E-Myth IQ quiz. What’s your E-Myth IQ? Take this quiz &…

  • Get your customized results chart
  • Become a better entrepreneur through self-awareness
  • Get actionable steps to build a business that works without you.

Take his quiz @ http://www.beyondemyth.com/continue/ , it has 17 questions.

If you are super fast & want quick results by getting all the answers directly in your inbox add your email by clicking on Click Here.


How to search for quality remote work?


Remote working is something which is gaining traction across the global. The trend of growing tech entrepreneurship and individual professional. Made the increase in demand of co-working place. There are company who have remote work options like wordpress.com, basecamp.com and upworthy.com. There are portal which cater only remote working jobs. Also there is a who book written about remote working called “remote” by the team at Basecamp. Below are the few location where you can find good quality remote work.

Places you can search for remote work:

  1. http://stackoverflow.com/jobs : Want to work remotely? The top developer website in the world has something to offer you.
  2. https://www.toptal.com/careers : Top quality technical freelancer. Why 3%? As a network, we have a very rigorous screening process to identify the best. We are experts in our domains, and we look for great problem solvers with passion and drive — the types of people we want to work with (and learn from) ourselves. Of the thousands of applications Toptal sees each month, typically fewer than 3% are accepted.
  3. https://weworkremotely.com/ : We Work Remotely is the best place to find and list jobs that aren’t restricted by commutes or a particular geographic area. Find the most qualified people in the most unexpected places

Here are few links that talk about the companies that offer remote work and there are more than 100 companies

  1. Remote
  2. These 7 amazing companies let you work remotely from anywhere
  3. 100 top companies with work from home jobs

Having given all this information there is an article about “How to Work Remotely and Still Be the Best” It covers following topics:

  1. The Remote or Home Office Setup
  2. Software Tools
  3. Remote Work Best Practices: Bug Tracking
  4. Remote Work Best Practices: Team Communication
  5. Making Your Presence Felt: Don’t Go Invisible

Details can be read here @ https://www.toptal.com/freelance/how-to-work-remotely-and-still-be-the-best

Happy Remote working

Hello, Artificial Intelligence

Image from Computerworld.com

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most interesting technology, It is one of my favorite subject since my college days. The idea of giving a little brain power to computer to make learned decisions based on some patterns or natural language is pretty awesome. We had our first team member couple of months back and in our culture we give 10% of the office time to work on the pet project. Ajeet wanted to work on implementing AI in a project. As an experiment he wanted to take a part of our product and demonstrate us how can we implement a particular functionality in much easier and efficient way?

To give a background, our product deals with huge amount of qualitative and quantitative data. It is a good case study to implement AI at various levels. He had spent last couple of months very sincerely helping our product to give a new look (help.reportingframework.com). So we have decided to give him full week off to work on his pet project which will give him a break and opportunity to explore AI. So this blog post is a shout out if anyone wants to guide him or tag along with him. They can reach out to him via his Linkedin account or put it in the comments below.

A short bio about Ajeet, He is very excited about AI. He has primarily worked with C#, JavaScript and SQL Server. His favorite programming language is Python. Over last couple of months he also got his hands dirty with tools like Dapper, Sphinx (based on python), MS Test, Gimp, RTools (based on python) and even 1 function in Lisp (Unbelievable! that my college project’s programming language has a part to play in our product). He is planning to use Python.

Wish him all the luck and fun working week holiday (passion is not equal to work!)

Progress: Currently he is exploring nltk and spacy