Second week and 50% of resolutions are Stopped

Have you stopped your resolution by now?

The first week with a lot of energy and commitment. I have created a huge outcome. When I could sustain the progress I would easily double my income. However, Sprints and marathons have different places and times.

I want to be a marathon runner in the infinite game of business.

So why did I stop with my daily routine of posting my daily updates? Because I got overwhelmed with my overflowing work plate. It’s a lot of metaphor but I have realised after doing the 20 days exercise by Ankur Warikoo. I learned that my relationship with time is about energy and that converts into a result or outcome. I have observed that too many things to do makes my mental fatigue and I don’t perform as well as I can.

I hope you know that you don’t get rich by working hard

I also have an important meeting company up so I have to keep a chuck of time aside to think about some creative ideas. It is something completely new and never tired before. I wonder if radical ideas and disruptive thinking can also be called rouge. I would like to listen to your thoughts below. I believe as long as the intention is at the right place and the bigger outcome is good for all then we can take some costlier risk.

The behaviour of empathy is a two-way street if you feel unheard that could also mean that you are a bit ahead in time and knowledge. You have no choice but to follow your heart and try something new to see if it worked or not. I always guide my team that you are not your work. Your work is the idea at a point in time with your accumulated experience and influence.

I cannot disclose more about the important meeting but in the coming months I will shed some light and let you know quote un quote if the idea was successful or NOT and what happened next.

I want you to share this article with 3 different groups of people in Software, Business and Sustainability. If this article gave you some new perspective Can you do that for me?


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