High Energy Work

There is some work where the work pulls you towards itself, you are more focused on the impact of the work and not the effort you are putting in. At any given time I have multiple such experiments that I am working on. These have either massive targets or unknown areas. Sometimes you don’t see the goal but there is a sense of feeling. Like reaching a summit. You know at the base there will be a summit but you cannot see them always

Love what you do

Let me tell you an example, I am working on building my team as many of you know there is no end to this work. However, I decided a year back about writing a weekly article on our success, failures and learnings. I have already published 60 articles on the work. This year I am taking the help of my team by interviewing them, Reviewing meetings about interviews and 360-degree reviews of me and my business partner.

So you may ask how do I measure the progress. I must admit it is very difficult to measure. However, here are the few non-tangible metrics that I keep an eye on

  1. Increase in the morale of the team
  2. Taking more responsibility without asking
  3. Asking better question in team meeting
  4. Taking ownership of processes and refining it each time
  5. Team more opening up in one on one conversation

There are also some tangible metrics as a result of building the team

  1. More features getting released to our the Prodcut Probench
  2. Learning Calender getting prepared in advance
  3. Flow of many creative ideas from the team

The reason I like this kind of challenge is there is something new and a method to create something with the influence of your work. I cannot force the team to work in a certain way but I can always create a good working environment especially in the remote work we do.

The outcome of these work and the systems we end up developing on top of it not only works once but also can be automated and delegated to work with many people. That’s the magic of these kinds of high energy work. It is hard to do but it is worth it. You will fail in 8 out of 10 experiments but you will keep adding the learnings to the upcoming experiments thus creating at least 10X to 20X return on investment.


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