Business Advice for Hiring Consultant

I was approached by a Talent Acquisition Consultant for some advice on building an Independent Head Hunter business. The primary question was, I am getting clients in different sectors and being able to create deals with them. Still, I struggle to find the talent because they are widespread, like UX Designer, Graphics Designer, Architect etc.… Continue reading Business Advice for Hiring Consultant

Second week and 50% of resolutions are Stopped

Have you stopped your resolution by now? The first week with a lot of energy and commitment. I have created a huge outcome. When I could sustain the progress I would easily double my income. However, Sprints and marathons have different places and times. I want to be a marathon runner in the infinite game… Continue reading Second week and 50% of resolutions are Stopped

Digital Collaborator – Job 001

My last post got an overwhemling response and I got many questions. One of the student reached out to me showing intrest in doing the role. I thought it would be great if we run an experiment along with the help of the student and see the practical implementation, challenges and learning. I will document… Continue reading Digital Collaborator – Job 001

Digital Collaborator

Digital Collaborator is a person who facilities collaboration between graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, copywriters (digital creator) with small businesses or consultants – It’s my definition about this role I am really not sure if there is something that exists, but when you are in the business where you keep looking for new ways fill… Continue reading Digital Collaborator

My flawless first experience with Fiverr

We created a introduction video for explaining our product. We got a fabulous feedback from friends and colleagues. In this post I will share how did I posted the job at Fiverr and all the details shared to the video producer.   Getting Started Copy of my job Create An Awesome Explainer Video Up… Continue reading My flawless first experience with Fiverr

1 Free & Easy tool to track your social media referrals

Recently one of my friend asked me below mentioned question. How can I track how many clicked the referral link via my Instagram bio? I wondered there should be an easy way without setting up your website and manage it via google analytics. It was a quick search and easy use. The answer is use… Continue reading 1 Free & Easy tool to track your social media referrals

The week after the big training week

You must have taken at least 1 business training or any other training to improve your business and life. I did it many times before and a more recent one which is an year long program. A big commitment as a team. I was very excited and all set for the transformation it will bring to… Continue reading The week after the big training week


7 WEEKS 11 TOPICS. Once you provide your email id, I will email you weekly 1 educational entertaining video on weekends. I hate spamming, so I promise I wont spam you. Enter your email id after clicking the below link The topics covered will be following: Career Business Design Customer Discovery Customer Development Customer Experience… Continue reading 7 WEEKS 11 TOPICS