Skills for a successful consulting career

In today’s economy because of internet and social media, solopreneurs, gig economy and remote work is becoming a viable career option. If you dig a little deeper, your role becomes that of a consultant. The key for you is to become a successful consultant.

You can find much information on becoming a successful consultant. Here is my take of providing business value to become a successful consultant.

Find your niche
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Find your niche When you start your career as a consultant it looks easy to serve everyone and anyone in your domain. Let’s pick sustainability as a career option. You will find there are many roles you can play like in Corporate Social Responsibility, Circular Economy, any of the Sustainable Development Goals, Life cycle Assessments, Materiality Expert, Sustainability Reporting Specialist.

I would recommend picking a niche and try to solve the micro niche problem. You have to walk into a client having a problem and should be able to assure them that you can solve it in x number of day and your charge will be y amount. You will require you to know the problem domain and how to provide the solution.

If prospects come to your online profile or learn about you via a referral, they should be able to explain your work in a few sentences — a powerful and one of the most challenging things to do. Think of 5 famous consultants: Aren’t they expert only in one topic?

Share your journey
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Share your journey You can reach to practically anyone in the world. There are dozens of social media platform to share your work. LinkedIn works for professional network. I know you know that however you may not know is currently (May 2019) the organic reach of the platform is very high. Which means If I post a good article or share an article (you can share this article), I get 1000 to 5000 views on my post.

If you are hesitant to share or don’t know what to share, one thing you can do is share your daily work experience, your current challenges or any meetings you had that is worth sharing.

Your post should provide value to the community you serve. It can be in the same industry. For example, let take the case of We are a benchmarking and assessment platform for company-wise benchmarks.

Our clients are Rating companies, Non-profits, Think tanks and Environmental consultancy. However, most of my post revolves around sustainability, climate change, diversity, gender and technology. Your post can be a medium to share your passion and the person you are.

Design your service
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Design your service: You have to be a systems thinker because the system produces results. Your service should yield specific outcomes and deliverables. Clients should be able to measure progress and throughput. The method of consultancy can attract the right clients and also retain them for life.

There are many examples of structuring the service. One of them I can remember is from the book Build to Sell. The story is about a struggling entrepreneur in small business and how his mentor helps him to become a successful company. The business they turn out to be is a Logo making agency.

One of the steps I would like to highlight from their 5 step process is creating the logo only with black colour. They explain one of the advantages of this step is to make the client focus on the structure, ratio and concept of the logo. This step avoids the conversation of detailing on the logo.

Create a community
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Create a community Create a community Being a consultant can be a lonely journey at times; it is always good to have likeminded people to get inspiration. It never hurts to have a mentor in the same field too. To create a community you need to bring value to them. You may take time to understand; however, your best friend is experimenting.

If you choose LinkedIn as a platform for creating your community, you can create groups in it and build it. To begin with, you can always participate in groups where you can contribute and start developing relationships. These relationships can also help you bring clients.

I feel that if the community is in the space of your work, but they are not your direct clients. It becomes effortless to serve, and you can go all in. For example, I do Daily Introduction. Not everyone I introduce is my potential customer; thus there is no agenda with this service. Good Karma comes back, is what I think.

Keynote Speaker
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Keynote Speaker This could be a tough one. If you can speak about your work to a large audience it shows that you have the authority to talk about the topic and it increases your confidence. Both of these qualities are important for sales. The talks can be a great source of lead generation and client relationship.

You can start small by talking about your subject to a nearby school or college. It can be short talk like TED. If you think you are not comfortable talking to a larger audience start by talking with few people. You can start by talking to one person. You can do that by being a guest in a Podcast.

Your confidence can alone be powerful skills to have. It will come if you are great at your work and proud of what you are doing. You can also have a Free talk at your clients’ place on the topic that is currently a concern to them.

I hope this article was useful and I wish you a successful career. If you found this valuable the least you can do is share this as a post. Add two lines while you post mentioning why did you liked it or why don’t you liked it.

My flawless first experience with Fiverr

We created a introduction video for explaining our product. We got a fabulous feedback from friends and colleagues. In this post I will share how did I posted the job at Fiverr and all the details shared to the video producer.


Getting Started

Copy of my job

Create An Awesome Explainer Video Up To 200 Words

Do you waste huge amount of time in your research process? Do you have manual repetition in your data analysis? How many of you have chaos in your research process?.

In today’s day and age technology should work for you not other way around. Don’t you think wasting time of your highly qualified research analysts and research officers is not a good idea. They are busy with manually collecting the data on spreadsheets and word documents. Or They are busy with communicating with teams only via emails or chat. We believe they deserve a online platform to automate most of their work. They should have a system that can automatically calculate the score card and generate the feedback report by a click of a button.

We at 73bit are working hard to achieve this by creating Probench a online reporting and bench marking platform. Probench is the outcome of our long running relationship with the organizations that currently use our system. It was designed from the beginning to place tools in the hands of the teams who run the surveys. So that the team can focus on what they do best research and getting insights from the data collected. It will be customized and configured for your in few weeks.

Do you want to know if Probench is for you? Book a FREE Candid Investigation Session Now! Lets discover that together.

NOTE: I would like to have a call of 15 minutes to explain the imagination I have for this intro video. Also I need feedback every 2 days on progress to clear any doubts (VERY important for me)

Voiceover – English UK. Attached is our Logo

I will be expecting something like this

Let me know if you need any other information.

Date: 12th August 2017

Dealing with Sellers

After you post your job there will be multiple seller who will bid for it, you can see them on the request page


After you click on the review offer, You will see who sent the offer and there profile links

Request 2

This will be a time consuming but you will have to pick among them and start convention with them about quality and price. You will have to filter the good out and see what works with you. See if things are real and practical.

Conversation with Chris

His profile is

Me: Any updates?

Him: I am still on the job
I am doing my best to give you a perfect job. If I need anything I will let you know

Me: Thanks. If you have any doubts please let me know. I need the video on 1st 3 question should be attention seeking.

Him: Please listen to this female UK voiceover that I plan to use for your animation.
I spent days looking for the perfect voiceover and I believe I have found it.
See the attachment
21:43 August 16, 2017
Him: Please if you like the female UK voice over , please give me your reply immediately so that I can continue working. I personally believe that this voiceover is perfect for the job.
I await your immediate reply
21:46 August 16, 2017
Him: Please the logo you sent me is 73bit logo. Do you have a separate logo for probench or is the logo that you sent me the main probench logo. Please I need your response as soon as possible
03:36 August 17, 2017
Me: Sorry for the late reply, but I have not got any notification. The logo I have sent should be fine. only put that on top right. The voice over felt too formal like a speech
and computer voice. I would like it to be more conversational or story telling.
14:11 August 18, 2017
Him: I am almost done with the animation already and I think it’s perfect because I contracted the voiceover to a professional British female based In UK and she’s one of the top rated sellers on fiverr. I can assure you that the voiceover blends perfectly with the background music, sound effects and audio. Take my word on that.
14:14 August 18, 2017
Me: Ok, I will trust you on that.You are the professional.
Him: As for your animation, I am sure that you will be pleased with the final piece and if you need modification, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will keep working until you are satisfied.
Me: Alright. Thanks for the assurance.
Him: Thanks for ordering. Here is your delivery. I highly appreciate you for your patience, understanding and teamwork with me on this project. If you have any revisions, please let me know so that i can make the necessary corrections and deliver the best job service to you. If you are pleased and satisfied with my work, I will highly appreciate that you give me a 5 star rating and review. Also, I will gladly accept any tip you offer. I will also love to work with you on many more awesome projects. Thanks for ordering and have a blessed day.
05:13 August 19, 2017
Me: Thanks a lot. Overall great job. We have few correction/feedback based on
our product specification. Attached are the screen capture at the time in the video and
mentioned are the correction. File name are given in terms of the time
when it occurs in the video.
Please don’t hesitate in case you have any questions.Here are the attachments.11_sec38_seconds.png1_min_05_sec.png1_min_15_sec.png

1_min_27_sec.pngHim: Thanks for your wonderful feedback. I can and will implement the changes you requested. You dont need to worry about that. Please i will need some extra time to do these changes and deliver a perfect final job to you. Please accept this resolution request to extend the delivery by 3 days extra.

22:17 August 19, 2017


Me: One more request I had there is a line with says few weeks. Can be change to 2 weeks? Both text and voice.
22:29 August 19, 2017

Him: Its not possible to change it to 2weeks since we have finalized the voiceover already and besides it’s better as few weeks because few weeks can be 1 week or 2weeks as you desire. I think it’s okay the waY it is. Sometimes less is more
22:31 August 19, 2017


Me: One more request, Can you add the text on the last screen as shown in the image attached. you can choose best font and color which goes. So that if the video is shared people knows whom to contact. Does it make sense?

13:16 August 21, 2017

1_min_30_secHim: Yes I will add it no problem. 

Him: Please I am very sorry for delivering by this time. My Internet service has been very slow since today. Please don’t be offended, I am very sorry.

I did not do the virtual conversation you requested because it wont blend well with the animation because too much animation can make your targeted audience miss the message. Text is better because it will leave a perfect and long lasting impression in their minds. and it gives a wider scope compared to just virtual conference. The rest of the changes you requested i did them all. I believe you have a perfect job now and i bet that your message is conveyed properly with this final animation.Thanks for ordering my GIG, I really do appreciate and love working on your project.

I believe i can really help you do more projects that will definitely help you promote your product or service and make huge profit.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on this project, I believe the job I have done for you will convince you that I am the best person for the job.

If you are convinced, which I believe you will, I look forward to you ordering more.

Thanks for ordering and thanks in advance when you order for more.

I will appreciate that you give me a 5 star rating and excellent review.

I will gladly accept any tip you offer.

Check attachment for your order.

Me: I agreed with your remark on the session. There are 2 typo revision rest looks fine.


1_min_15_sec_rev_2.pngHim: Thanks for your reply. I will make the necessary revisions you need. But please i will send you a resolution request of 2 days so that i can take my time and do the changes so as to deliver a professional work. I will send you the resolution request now, please accept it immediately.
16:03 August 23, 2017

Me: Done.

Him: Thanks for ordering my GIG, I really do appreciate and love working on your project.

I believe i can really help you do more projects that will definitely help you promote your product or service and make huge profit.Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on this project, I believe the job I have done for you will convince you that I am the best person for the job.

If you are convinced, which I believe you will, I look forward to you ordering more.

Thanks for ordering and thanks in advance when you order for more.

I will appreciate that you give me a 5 star rating and excellent review.

I will gladly accept any tip you offer.

Check attachment for your order.

Final Video

Hope this was helpful to you.