Confidence in Action

When your actions and words are congruent you display a very high level of confidence. The funny thing about confidence is you know you have it but others will only see it in you when you show some results that back your words. These results are cracking big exams, getting big sales, an invitation for… Continue reading Confidence in Action

The week after the big training week

You must have taken at least 1¬†business training or any other training to improve your business and life. I did it many times before and a more recent one which is an year long program. A big commitment as a team. I was very excited and all set for the transformation it will bring to… Continue reading The week after the big training week


7 WEEKS 11 TOPICS. Once you provide your email id, I will email¬†you weekly 1 educational entertaining video on weekends. I hate spamming, so I promise I wont spam you. Enter your email id after clicking the below link The topics covered will be following: Career Business Design Customer Discovery Customer Development Customer Experience… Continue reading 7 WEEKS 11 TOPICS