The week after the big training week

You must have taken at least 1 business training or any other training to improve your business and life. I did it many times before and a more recent one which is an year long program. A big commitment as a team. I was very excited and all set for the transformation it will bring to my business.

The training was magnificent something I have never experienced before.

  1. I felt lot inspired and more confident of making my vision a reality, even completed a long pending blog post I wanted to write long back. It was all good feeling, all the idea were already possibility in my mind. The life was all high!
  2. Chatted all possibility with my business partner, It was a party!!! We discussed  and discussed  all the to-do we can do, and we must do immediately. We stopped all the things we were trying to do and just went into all that happened and started discussing on all points we came across. I wonder it was more thinking and talking.
  3. Created a whats app group of all the students who came to the training. We all talked about all the amazing experience. Shared all the pictures and video. Appreciating each other strengths and wished each other for all success.
  4. Told all the detail stories to my wife. I was so pumped with all the experience from morning 9am till 3am in the night. It was all small story that popped up here and there. I keep telling her all the time for the week after my training.


I did not took any action in my real business that would move my Business forward.

Which means the week before my training and week next after my training was same. We worked in the business. For those who got it, will understand. For other I will explain it some other time.

Its with heavy pain I am writing this.

I took stock of my actions in the following week, I had to document this so that it may help some one out there. I think that, this is the number 1 reason why all the training you do doesn’t help. However having said that. I have got a way to implement all the learning. Let me try that and bring it to you how it turned out. Remember I am at the same position as your are in the journey of Entrepreneurship

Happy Entrepreneurship !

Happy for Navish to get Cirtru as top 10 upcoming mobile startup in

We from Confiable Solutions congratulate Navish and his team’s story in YourStory. A well deserved recognition for Cirtru team. We know Navish since past 4 months, We have seen him and his team in action. The team is performing like winners all the time. All the best for their future and we are very happy for you guys.

Cirtru: If you are looking for a roommate or buying a used car or selling a used iPhone, a Google employee trusts an Apple employee more than a stranger on a classifieds site. Cirtru is Inter-Company/University classifieds where users are identified and verified based on their employer/university without revealing their professional or personal identity, ever., the US version, is currently used by users from 750+ companies and universities in SF Bay Area alone. And was launched for Bengaluru, during MobileSparks.

Happy Startup!