Slow Work

I am a fan of slow work. Let me explain what does it mean to me. It’s primarily thinking and creative work. It can be developing a marketing strategy, an idea to deliver a talk, creating a case study, research & insight work, writing a book, designing software, preparing for the sales pitch, coming up… Continue reading Slow Work

Second week and 50% of resolutions are Stopped

Have you stopped your resolution by now? The first week with a lot of energy and commitment. I have created a huge outcome. When I could sustain the progress I would easily double my income. However, Sprints and marathons have different places and times. I want to be a marathon runner in the infinite game… Continue reading Second week and 50% of resolutions are Stopped

Ever wanted to start a business, this lockdown is your time.

Have you already taken the precaution to sit at home and work from home? You are planning to stay put for the next two weeks. Congratulations you may have earned 20 hours of the weekend and 10 hours of travel time per week, Mumbai. So with 60 hours in hand what are the first steps you can… Continue reading Ever wanted to start a business, this lockdown is your time.

Letter to Nishanth Shetty

Nishanth Shetty, is my cousin from the city of Bengaluru, India. He is interested in starting his own business. He is at a position where most of us are when we start on our own No capital (money) to invest. No Business expereince. No concrete Business idea/plan This is most common start everyone has, they… Continue reading Letter to Nishanth Shetty

The week after the big training week

You must have taken at least 1¬†business training or any other training to improve your business and life. I did it many times before and a more recent one which is an year long program. A big commitment as a team. I was very excited and all set for the transformation it will bring to… Continue reading The week after the big training week


7 WEEKS 11 TOPICS. Once you provide your email id, I will email¬†you weekly 1 educational entertaining video on weekends. I hate spamming, so I promise I wont spam you. Enter your email id after clicking the below link The topics covered will be following: Career Business Design Customer Discovery Customer Development Customer Experience… Continue reading 7 WEEKS 11 TOPICS