25 ways to create content for instagram with 1 art piece

This post is written for Mr Ajay Vora. He is my uncle and even though this was written as a stragey to help him create his instagram page with continous content atleast once per day for an year. If you are creative person you will find ways to apply same for your work of art.

by Ajay Vora

So we have 1 painting what can we do with this.

1 The painting.

2 Mr Ajay Vora holding the painting and taking a picture.

3 Mr Ajay Vora’s video describing the paint

4 Mr Ajay Vora’s photo while making the painting

5 Hidding the painting with his hand and showing only little of it

6 Taking black and white photo of the painting

7 Adding a quote photo based on the theme of the painting

8 Adding a name and description of painting in notes app and taking screenshot

9 Taking the picture of the painting in night time

10 Time lapse while making the painting

11 Converting the painting into sketch or drawing using free online tools

12 Mr Ajay Vora talking about one special thing about the painting

13 Mr Ajay Vora photo shoot with the painting

14 Adding a related hindi poem which reflects the theme of the painting

15 Staging the painting with some household objects like lamp, table, frame, murti, glassware, plates etc

16 Facts of colour

17 Talking about Mr Ajay Vora’s learning about Instagram and post he tries to keep up

18 Mr Ajay Vora’s stories about his thoughts around reuse of materials, paints and style

19 Quote by famous painters

20 Facts of famous paintings

21 Half made paintings in progress

22 Photo of arranged painting materials 

23 Repost Reuse Quotes

24 Photo of workstation

25 Place mobile in front of the paiting to see it from the lens

The Math

So we have 365 days a year so we need 15 paitings to continously posts daily on Instagram and if you have more painting you can mix it up.

I hope it was useful to you.

Happy Painting!!!

Letter to Nishanth Shetty

Nishanth Shetty, is my cousin from the city of Bengaluru, India. He is interested in starting his own business. He is at a position where most of us are when we start on our own

  1. No capital (money) to invest.
  2. No Business expereince.
  3. No concrete Business idea/plan

This is most common start everyone has, they think about what they DON’T have. Rather than thinking about what they do have. Let’s look at what Nishanth has

  1. He is an amauter photograher (Camera worth 20K + OnePlus 7 phone)
  2. He is a rider (KTM Duke bike)
  3. He knows how to posts on Instagram

Now let’s create a back of the envolope business plan for him.

So what he has to do?

  1. He has to research if the KTM dealership has an Instagram account
  2. If it has he has to ride his KTM bike to the dealership.
  3. He as to ask who takes care of thier instagram account.
  4. He explains them that he will take 14 pictures per week. Thus increasing the engagement level on social media.
  5. If they seems interested than at last tell them that he will take 700 rupees for 14 pictures
  6. Tell them they have pay after each assignment.

Some metric target to aim for?

  1. He should atleast go to all dealers that sell KTM bikes
  2. He should keep trying for a month before quiting
  3. If he finishes before a month he should write down what he learn an pivoit

Some objection he will face

  1. No one will show interest and ask him to get out (Sales Rejection)
  2. They will be interested but won’t pay him money.
  3. They will bargain and ask for reduced price.

How to negotiate the objection (rookie way)?

  1. He should mention that he will research and shoot to make the photo better each time.
  2. The objective her to make the photo more likable and enaging.
  3. The end objective is to increase the follower count and popularity. But currently I am not guaranteeing it but if I could guarantee I would have charged 3 times.
  4. He should explain that he also has to make profit form this work.
  5. He should tell that he has to pay petrol price to reach the place.

How to work with discounts?

  1. Firslty don’t answer any one right on spot, get the phone number and tell them you will get back to them in few days.
  2. He has to set a monthly target first. Say for example he wants 20,000 per month.
  3. So if 7 are ready to pay and 3 ask for discount. Say no to the one who are asking for discount.
  4. If 3 are ready to pay and 3 are asking for discount. They he can take the discount.
  5. If there is only 1 or 2 asking for discount. Offer free work for 1st week.
  6. If no one is ready to pay at all. Work for free for 2 weeks i.e. 2 visits and 28 photos. To build your portfolio of work

So the bottom line is economics is demand and supply.

So Nishanth wish you all the best. See if this simple business plan works for you. Let me remind you its simple but it may not be easy. You may face a completely diffrent challange on the ground. Keep your focus on your learning business.

1 Free & Easy tool to track your social media referrals

Recently one of my friend asked me below mentioned question.

How can I track how many clicked the referral link via my Instagram bio?

I wondered there should be an easy way without setting up your website and manage it via google analytics. It was a quick search and easy use. The answer is use bitly.comΒ and its Free.

The use case explained below, Say you have an Instagram account and you are promoting a brand. For example purpose you are promotingΒ www.nike.com

Login to bitly via your Facebook or Twitter account. You can also create a new signup. I created a new signup. Once you login you will see below screen.Β Bitly

Next you click on top right orange button Create Bitlink. You will see the screen below. First you paste the long link of your referral in the box which says “PASTE LONG URL”. Example: www.nike.comΒ  Click on create button on the bottom of the page.


You will moved to another page displayed on the right side EDIT BITLINK. On Edit page update the “TITLE” box as some meaningful name – Instagram (Any social media site you want to track the source from). Then click Save.


That’s it. You are done. Your link is ready for tracking. See below.


Now it is time to test. Copy the link and paste it into your Instagram bio. I tested it for my site and below is the result on your dashboard.


The same with full screen and additional dashboard information for multiple links.


If you have any further question add it on the comments below. I will try to answer them.

Happy Tracking!!!