25 ways to create content for instagram with 1 art piece

This post is written for Mr Ajay Vora. He is my uncle and even though this was written as a stragey to help him create his instagram page with continous content atleast once per day for an year. If you are creative person you will find ways to apply same for your work of art.

by Ajay Vora

So we have 1 painting what can we do with this.

1 The painting.

2 Mr Ajay Vora holding the painting and taking a picture.

3 Mr Ajay Vora’s video describing the paint

4 Mr Ajay Vora’s photo while making the painting

5 Hidding the painting with his hand and showing only little of it

6 Taking black and white photo of the painting

7 Adding a quote photo based on the theme of the painting

8 Adding a name and description of painting in notes app and taking screenshot

9 Taking the picture of the painting in night time

10 Time lapse while making the painting

11 Converting the painting into sketch or drawing using free online tools

12 Mr Ajay Vora talking about one special thing about the painting

13 Mr Ajay Vora photo shoot with the painting

14 Adding a related hindi poem which reflects the theme of the painting

15 Staging the painting with some household objects like lamp, table, frame, murti, glassware, plates etc

16 Facts of colour

17 Talking about Mr Ajay Vora’s learning about Instagram and post he tries to keep up

18 Mr Ajay Vora’s stories about his thoughts around reuse of materials, paints and style

19 Quote by famous painters

20 Facts of famous paintings

21 Half made paintings in progress

22 Photo of arranged painting materials 

23 Repost Reuse Quotes

24 Photo of workstation

25 Place mobile in front of the paiting to see it from the lens

The Math

So we have 365 days a year so we need 15 paitings to continously posts daily on Instagram and if you have more painting you can mix it up.

I hope it was useful to you.

Happy Painting!!!


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