Promoting Employability Interview using Mobile Phone

I had a candidate who asked me how can this job be done using mobile. So I created this step by step method via WhatsApp and helped her to do the interview round.

Step 1 Installing

Go to PlayStore and install it

Create a link for this URL

Asked her to share the images with me via Twitter. My Twitter account is The Image will look like this a list page (Left-hand side) and a stats page (Click on the stats icon which has 0/1 mentioned at the bottom right. (Right-hand side)

Copy the URL and save it in your notes app.

Step 2 Install Twitter

After you successfully install Twitter. Change the Bio to “Helping Indian College Students to be more employable by sharing this article<your code goes here> with 10,000 students”

Edit the website of your profile to your link that you got in the First step

Add a good profile picture

Add this header image to your account

Try to be a good user of Twitter, Follow a few people you want to and like and retweet a few of the tweets in your timeline.

Step 3 Search the Keyword using Geocode

Go to the search of the app and put this search string given below

#Coding -#100DaysOfCode geocode:18.52,73.84,100km

Click on the Latest tab on the screen you should see something like this below (Left-hand side) and reply to the first tweet with the below statement (Right-hand side)

Enage with the tweet and ask Did you read this article “Making Indian Youth more employable”<your bit ly link>?

Once you reply scroll down for other people who have tweeted.

Step 4 Rules of Engagement

Make sure you don’t reply to the same person twice, be careful not to spam them. Relate with their tweet because you are a programming student too. You can ask any questions, appreciate their efforts, put a positive note.

Do this for 1 hour as a batch of 15 minutes activities with 2 hours break in between. So that Twitter won’t ban or block you. Don’t go beyond 1 hour each day.

If you are run out of tweets Go to other locations

Indore = #Coding -#100DaysOfCode geocode:22.70,75.94,100km

Ahemdabad= #Coding -#100DaysOfCode geocode:22.98,72.59,100km

Jaipur = #Coding -#100DaysOfCode geocode:26.90,75.83,100km

Mangalore= #Coding -#100DaysOfCode geocode:13.03,74.99,100km

If you are still through them all and your 1 hour is not completed repeat it with other hashtags

  1. #50DaysOfJS geocode:21.85,78.18,1200km
  2. #100daysofcodechallenge geocode:21.85,78.18,1200km
  3. #webdevelopment geocode:21.85,78.18,1200km
  4. #webdeveloper geocode:21.85,78.18,1200km
  5. #CodeNewbie geocode:21.85,78.18,1200km
  6. #CodeNewbies geocode:21.85,78.18,1200km
  7. #python geocode:21.85,78.18,1200km
  8. #womenWhoCode geocode:21.85,78.18,1200km
  9. #womenintech geocode:21.85,78.18,1200km
  10. #Coding geocode:21.85,78.18,1200km

The Important thing is to stop after 1 hour

Step 5 Submit your Bitly Results

Wait for 24 hours and then take a screenshot of your Bitly Stats page

Share it with me on the Twitter account

I will let you know if you are selected or not

Here are some more hashtags that you can convert into search terms with geocodes found by our interns

  1. #100daysOfMLCode
  2. #100DaysOfSwiftUI
  3. #66DaysOfDSA
  4. #100daysOfLearning
  5. #100DaysOfFlutter
  6. #100DaysOfPython
  7. #30DaysOfCode
  8. #learning
  9. #Coding
  10. #webdev
  11. #100Devs
  12. #techtwitter

All the Best!


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