Delegate or Not to Delegate

It’s one of my favourite skills that I learned a long time back. It because easy for me because I learnt prioritization before that. Here is the hack I use if the priority of the task is not important to me but it is important to the overall functioning of the company. I choose to delegate it with full autonomy. It normally takes 4-5 attempts before the delegation is can be completely handed over to others.

The first step of delegation is documentation. You need to write down step by step process for your junior colleagues to follow. Then you follow this 3 steps formula that I learned in my business coaching. I do you see, I do you do and you do I see. Let me add the 4th step that will indicate that you successfully delegated that task. You do and I only see the results and outcome. Then you sit with them to strategise the task to take to the next level or make them a master of it.

One of the important tools during this entire process is a metric to measure. You may already know What gets measured gets done. Thus making sure you have a clear and measurable target set for your colleagues. They should exactly know how to achieve them and the rules of engagement. Someone told me one day that it’s like a blueprint of a skyscraper. The architect draws it to the last bolt of the roof and the team go into the site and make it done.

The more boring you make the process and easier to measure the result. You can expect the outcome each time with minimum to no unknowns.


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