A start has some excitement

The new year is always a time to do some reflection and planning for the year. The good old goal setting comes to play, There are arbitrary numbers thrown to be achieved. Yes, I too have one which is to talk to 200 new people in our client community. The goal is to make 10 new clients this year and it may sound very easy but I have been trying to do that for the past 2 years and failing miserably. The business is growing because of our existing clients and the way we have designed our Business Model. We have a Software as a Service revenue model that helps us to be in the long term business.

Have a mild 2022

My first day at the business was good and productive. I also have 4 other goals to achieve this year which will supplement my main goal. Those are around the content marketing to my client community. The idea is to provide so much value that people volunteer to connect us with potential clients or good collaboration.

Along with this commitment for the year, I thought of writing about my journey as a businessman. This year I will be working on my business which means I will use Strategies, Systems, Delegation, Leverage and Negotiations to produce the outcome. It will be done using the 18 member team we have and I am also recruiting 100 interns who are college students.

That’s all for today see you tomorrow.


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