Why work doesn’t happen at work?

There is a Ted Talk by Jason Fried Why work doesn’t happen at work? and it is viewed more than 6 million times. I am a big fan of his work and how he created his company like a product. Thier idea about less mass is mindblow and it doesn’t mean you make less money

I have expereinced this many time, when I am away from the work or decide to work on startegy, ideas, value, process or concepts. I end up creating good assests for the company which either gets used for the rest of the year or many years to come. It makes me light and I become a man of possibilities. Lets tranfer the abstraction into implementation. Yesterday I took a day off to create the content very specific to what my community has requested for.

It was about Data Integration of Environmental Corporate Data disclosures and how other organization are using it. I ended writing a case study with few insights and an example of how simple it can be to use the data intergation and still make a diffrence in the product offering. The technicality of the integration side was no brainer but the heavy lifting is to mapping each company scorecoard.

Past a certain point, more effort doesn’t produce better performance. It sabotages our performance.

effortless by Greg Mckeown

Now that you understand the context let me share few of my observation that I felt yesterday. I told my self that its a holiday and started working on the curating all the data I had about data integration. Remember my objective was to create something that few of my community’s founding memeber should find useful.

  1. My mind was light since the morning and I started my day slow
  2. I outlined a the points which I wanted the casetudy to have
  3. Created an impromtu infographics which some numeric data
  4. When I saw I reached mid day I started to conclude it.
  5. The focus was to edit and represent information that will be useful

I was not worried about the outcome or if or not the community like it. I created what I could do the best. Put information which are new and informative. Keep the images clean and easy to ready. I took multiple breaks and I know how the time was passing by. I set a target to not write more than 600 words. At any point I was confident that I will complete the case study. I also knew I don’t want to make it super complicated and add multiple examples. I wanted to convey only one message and the simplicity of it.


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