I started observing businesses

I have cultivated this habit of looking for business systems or services when I am a customer of any business. It’s a live learning session for me. I am not looking for how much money I have save but what services the provide improve my customer experience. I know I have bought a premium service and my frugal mind won’t get the value of every penny spent.

It’s like developing a taste for a new group of foods. Have you ever drank a green tea first time in your adult life and later developed a taste for it? If you have not you may have had experience something new in your later life and got yourself into a new taste maker group.

I developed many new taste and thier value like reading, value of simple writing, startegy, systems, design, insights, coaching, understanding of how brain thinks, influence, marketing with purpose, remote work, effortless work, daily practice etc

When I went to dentist for cleanup yesterday, I was observing the clean design of her clinic. The pictures she hung on the walls were more of an art rather than educational. She put on a music in the background very soothing when the drill machine voice is quite. High ceiling height makes you less suffocating when the she is working on your teeth.

Today I saw an assessment by a water tank cleaner. A person came first to see all the work and see if he can access them without any obstructions. He gave his price quote and when they will come. I asked him to come today but he said I cannot promise but will try. They came with thier gear and put the machine at designated place. The lead of the cleanser was well informed and interacted with us explaining what he is doing. During his conversation we told him that he could be in some other profession. He had the answer that we could be an motivational speaker for Security Intelligence and he has the knowledge. He also mentioned that they use a semi automatic system for the cleaning process

What I learnt from two different business was each one has thier own way to serve the customer. One had subtle automatic systems in place that the customer experience. Other had a more explaining way of serving the customer. If the one that needs explaination and the business do not explain the experience can be very unpleasant one too.

What did you learn from these two story? Comment below


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