How to get paid in an interview by creating machine learning content using a simple quote?

Document Don’t Create.

7 Steps to create content

  1. Search for a machine learning quote on Google
  2. Pick the long quote with multiple lines
  3. Break the first line to intrigue to swipe right
  4. Take a carousel templete or a slide template from Canva
  5. Highlight any important word by giving its own slide
  6. Give credits to the author in the second last slide
  7. Add and Call of action in the last slide or page of the carousel

You can see the example here


How to improve the First Image/Page?

Here is how I made the first page of the above example. Click here (This is reaching 10K view)

How much time will it take?

  1. Each post takes 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on your creativity
  2. Research time on how to make first page more attention grabing may take 30 min each day
  3. Learning about clean design will be 1 hour per week
  4. Once a month satus update with me for 1 hour
  5. Studying how the post perfomed after posting will be 1 hour per week
  6. This all can be done as a partime manging your time better
  7. Watching the Mini course below – Approx 4 hours

I am looking for an Intern who can create exactly the above content 20 per month. Intrested people please contact me on twitter. My twitter handle is

For interview you can submit from 1-3 content (7-10 slides each) If it gets selected and I decide to post them you will get 100 rupees per content

Guidelines for creating our content is here

The credit of this idea goes to Chris Do.

Why would you consider this offer

  1. You will get a task based paid internship
  2. You are a students with no prior experience
  3. Even though you will get paid 4000 rupees for 20 piece of content. It is for only 30 hours of work per month and what that means to you is that based on your hour income an equivalent full time job is monthly income of 40K per month
  4. You learn a little more about content marketing through educating customers
  5. You get to talk once a month with industry experts with more than 17 years of experience so that you can also ask career related questions

[Upated on 28st Oct 2021]

Example of some work by the interns


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