How to earn side income while you are a student?

There are many who says that you should only focus on study but when you work or do a side business you learn a lot of skills.

Skills outside your syllabus

  1. Written Communication
  2. Research on a topic
  3. Negotiation
  4. Handling Rejections
  5. Selling an idea
  6. Having Confidence
  7. Being curious

You may ask how can I being a student sell a product to the market?

The Product

  1. 31 stories for your social media each month
  2. The quotes/thoughts will be from your industry or profession.
  3. The format/design will be the same for all of them
  4. The quotes/thoughts will be the popular ones.
  5. You can post them to stories on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

I am sure you did not understand what this prodct is all about and what is this stories.

Let me try another way, Forget about the Product lets focus on the Process

First Client Framework

  1. What ticks you? 
  2. Who is your client?
  3. Where is your client? 
  4. How will you pitch your client? 
  5. When will you get your first client? 

These are the 5 questions to which can find answer and I have spoken about it in this 3 hour podcast. If you are really curious you will binge watch it NOW.

I hope you got few idea on making side income. Share this with a friend now.


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