How do I produce Podcast?

Sustainability Scorecard Stories” is a podcast where we invite guests from teams who work in the space of Sustainability Benchmarking, Index, Assessment, Rating and Rankings.

5 Steps I do produce podcast

  1. Our podcast is an interview style podcast. You can have an insight based with one person sharing the ideas.
  2. We send invite to guest and connect with them on zoom.
  3. I record the session on my local PC and find the audio file with extension audio_only.m4a
  4. I use Audacity (Free software) to edit the audio and add a background royalty free music.
  5. Create an audiogram using Headliner. It allows you to create few audiograms per month.

Listen to one of the episodes here.

Side Notes:

  1. I used a noise cancellation headphones with mic
  2. You can publish it in spotify or google podcast at step 4
  3. You can use Anchor to publish to all popular platform at once.

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