I am hiring a LinkedIn Assistant

Designation: Business Development Trainee

[This post is updated on 9th Dec 2020]

Working Style: Remote work

Working Time: 5 days a week for 8 hours per day

Reporting To: Vikram Shetty

Expereince: 0 (Zero) years / Fresh Graduates

Salary: 20,000 INR per month

Photo by inlytics • LinkedIn Analytics Tool on Unsplash

Roles and Responsibility

  1. To Search potential guests for the podcast on LinkedIn
  2. Search potential leads for the new business development
  3. Search good content posted by the sustainability benchmarking community
  4. Research on LinkedIn social media tips to improve organic reach
  5. Create a daily quiz based on your daily work
  6. Fill a daily status report to track your progress and collect useful links 

Career Growth

The question that can come to your mind is what could be the carrer growth for this role. If you are not from the Sustainability Field then its a Sales Carreer.

However if you are from Sustainability Field and finding it difficult to find a job in your space this role will provide you few expereinces

  1. Communication and Networking Skills
  2. Good knowledge on the current happenings in the domain
  3. Learnings to build relationship and collabrations
  4. Learn a bit about social media and marketing
  5. Build your presence on LinkedIn

You can do this role for an year and then get back to your job search.

Above skills will be useful for the rest of your life

Your day at work

First Task: Your first hour of the day, you will focus on finding a guest for our podcast “Sustainability Scorecard Stories” You will tag me (Vikram Shetty) in one of their latest posts in comment with a hashtag #Sustainability. Thus, I will come to know you are thinking of this person as the guest for the podcast. Your daily target here will be 10 potential guests. You can learn about our community here (How to find leads?).

Second Task: This will be the second hour of your day where you will find people I should connect with to build a relationship. You will come to know that because I will not be your mutual connections. The technique to inform me will be similar to above and the hashtag you will use to tag me in the comment is #SDG #Sustainability. Your daily target here will be 10 connections. You can learn about our community here (How to find leads?).

Third Task: This could be the 3rd hour of the day in which you will find a question or a conversational post which I can add a meaningful comment. You will tag me to this post with a hashtag #data. Your daily target will be 10 posts. You can learn about our community here (How to find leads?). Example 1 or Example 2

Fourth Task: The next task will be for this community to help them find innovative articles. This is to find any interesting sustainability articles (containing stats, data, research or benchmark) and tag me with hashtag #innovation. Your daily target will be 5 articles.

Fifth Task: Research on improving my LinkedIn posts; this will be a social media learning post and share 5 new tiny ideas we can implement in our daily post or message. Your daily target will be to find 5 tips.

Sixth Task: To find an article and convert it into questions with multichoice answer OR you can think a question of your own. Here is an example. You will update the question with options in the daily survey explained in Measure your day below. If you do not find any question than add a quote from the comment of any posts.

Seventh Task: To fill your daily update in Probench, Make it as rich and informative as you can explain your findings and reflect on your day. You can spread this task across the day after each task or if you find an interesting link go to answer 7 on the survey and add the link.

Measuring your day

We will use our web software (Probench) which will have the following survey that you will participate at the end of each day. It will have a variation of following questions

  1. Have you tagged Vikram to 10 potential guests on our podcast? (Y/N)
  2. Have you tagged Vikram to 10 potential connections? (Y/N)
  3. Have you tagged Vikram to 10 comments to reply? (Y/N)
  4. Have you tagged Vikram to 5 innovative articles? (Y/N)
  5. Write down 5 tips on LinkedIn that will help us grow (Text Answer)
  6. What is your question of the day? (Text Answer)
  7. Do you have any questions/doubts to ask to Vikram? (Text Answer)
  8. Attach all the interesting web links you found during the entire day.


  1. Good at written communications
  2. Work from home ready with personal Laptop/PC + Internet
  3. Ready to work full time remote or digital nomad work.

If you are interested in the job, you can email to vikram@73bit.com along with your resume and current location with the subject:

Job application for Business Development Trainee

I will send across the salary details and the next step of the interview process.

There are two interview rounds

Round One – Write an Article on LinkedIn (Details will be given to you once you email me)

Round Two – Only if your Article is qualified you will have a zoom interview call

I wish you all the best!

If you don’t see yourself fit for this role share this article with your other friends in different WhatsApp group




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