If you want to go far, go together – African proverb I believe that if a team works closely towards only 1 goal. The possibility of accomplishing it increases exponentially. The counter argument to it is that at least you will avoid working on waste, non productive or meaningless work. The ability to be clear… Continue reading Team



A system is a group of interacting or interrelated elements that act according to a set of rules to form a unified whole. It’s one of the oldest lessons I have learned while understanding the difference between self-employed and business. When you have the legacy of working in a job for a decade there are some old… Continue reading System

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It’s easy to do wishful thinking and read about better ways to build your business. The truth gets exposed when the rubber meets the road. When you have a team and you are doing a service business to fulfil the client’s need. You are unable to predict what delight your clients and which deals are… Continue reading Truth

A calculated risk

A calculated risk is a carefully considered decision that exposes a person to a degree of personal and financial risk that is counterbalanced by a reasonable possibility of benefit. Assessing whether or not a risk is worth it involves careful cost-benefit analysis. I have been asking why I am not taking some risk on building our… Continue reading A calculated risk

Business Models

What are the different business models a technology company can have? Here is my pick Freemium business model: A mix of free and paid services, the freemium model is mostly used by tech companies in the Software as a Service (SaaS) or apps business model. To grow business and acquire customers, companies offer free (lite) versions to… Continue reading Business Models

Changing World Order

The past two years will be remembered in history as the most challenging years for the entire world. Our generation has never heard and seen anything like this before. We all have shared the same experience, fear and challenges. We have heard stories that gave us chills. I don’t even have to tell what I… Continue reading Changing World Order

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Cheat Day

There is a big stigma around missing your practice a day. You think you have lost the plot when you miss a day. It could be any of the following Writing your daily post in your blog Solving wordle Going for a walk Meditation Making a Sales call Working on your business Planing for the… Continue reading Cheat Day

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Asking Clients

There is a whole fear, ambiguity, red tape, doubts and formality. The service provider and a client have a working relationship that is built on service agreements and contracts. The promise that is agreed upon depends on what is written in the document. The clients will only benefits when they get maximum value with the… Continue reading Asking Clients


Why I think culture helps you to resolve conflicts within the team. One of the most common conflicts is expectation mismanagement at work. It’s often referred to as quality of work. The definition of quality when not defined properly could be directly proportional to the mood of the boss at 5 PM on Tuesday. The… Continue reading Conflicts