Continuous Integration environment Installation

I hope you know what Continuous Integration means. I would recomment that you please go understand it before reading further. Here is an good wiki about what the community thinks about it.

Installation steps for NAnt:

  1. Download the binary distribution archive. Click here.
  2. Remove any previous versions of NAnt you may have installed.
  3. Extract the contents of the archive to the location you wish to install NAnt. Check the root folder name from nant-0.92 to NAnt and copy it in C:\Program Files\NAnt in windows.
  4. Depending on your environment, create a wrapper script to run NAnt
  5. Create a file called nant.bat in a C:\WINDOWS directory that is included in the PATH system environment variable.
  6. Add the following to nant.bat:
  7. @echo off
    "C:\Program Files\NAnt\bin\NAnt.exe" %*
  8. Open a new command prompt (shell) and type nant -help. If successful, you should see a usage message displaying available command line options.

Installation of Cruise Control .Net

  1. Download latest version of CruiseControl.NET setup file from here.
  2. Double Click the CruiseControl.Net exe file. Below steps may change depend on the exact version.
  3. In Cruise Control Setup home screen click Next.
  4. In License Agreement screen click “I Agree”
  5. In Choose Components screen select all component click Next.
  6. In Additional Configuration screen click Next.
  7. In Choose installation location window click Next.
  8. In Menu folder window click Install.
  9. In Installation Complete windoe click Next and click Finish
  10. Start the CruiseControl.Net Server by typing services.msc in run window. Look for “CruiseControl.Net Server” in right pane, click the service and click start to start the service
  11. If there is an error while installation about unable to create virtual directory. Create a Virtual Directory in your IIS with physical path pointing to webdashboard “C:\Program Files\CruiseControl.NET\webdashboard”.
  12. Browse the websiet to view the dashboard and confirm the installation.

Happy Automation!


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