Json Data between UI and handler continued…

I hope you have read the initial part of this post here.
5. Lesson i have learned the hard way is, If we are dealing with complex objects a mix of array and complex object. Make sure the property name of the javascript class and .Net class is exactly same.
For instance if the JavaScript content is
function jsonmenuwrapper(menu) {
    this.menu = menu;

function jsonmenu(id,value,popup) {
    this.id = id;
    this.value = value;
    this.popup = popup;

function jsonpopup(menuitem) {
    this.menuitem = menuitem;

function jsonmenuitem(value,onclick) {
    this.value = value;
    this.onclick = onclick;
var myjsonmenuitem = [];
    = new jsonmenuitem("value","onclickMain");
    = new jsonmenuitem("value1","onclickSub");
var myjsonpopup
    = new jsonpopup(myjsonmenuitem);

var myjsonmenu
    = new jsonmenu("1", "Reports", myjsonpopup);
var myjsonmenuwrapper
    = new jsonmenuwrapper(myjsonmenu);
The C# class must have class like
public class JsonPopup
    public Menuitem menuitem {get; set;}

function jsonpopup(menuitem) {
    this.menuitem = menuitem;
The property name in the class must be same in both JavaScript and C#.

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