Build Server Selection Influencing Factors Part 2

Read the first part of the series here.

Team Foundation Build Server

How quick and easy it to get started?

Team Foundation Build Server has standard windows setup for build server. The installation needs administrative access and Team Foundation Server as a primary source control system. Configuration is done by build configuration wizard in Visual Studio. Configuration is starlight forward. Overall it the installation is quick and easy but tightly coupled with Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Visual studio.

Which source control system can be integrated out of the box?

Source Control Name Team Foundation Build Server
AccuRev No
Alienbrain No
BitKeeper No
CA Software Change Manager No
ClearCase No
Darcs No
Dimensions No
Git Yes
GNU arch No
GNU Bazaar No
Integrity No
Mercurial No
Perforce No
Plastic No
Sourceanywhere No
StarTeam No
Subversion No
Surround No
Synergy No
Team Concert No
Team Foundation Server Yes
Vault No
Visual SourceSafe No

 What about Test coverage?

Team Foundation Build Server has feature for configuring with Automatic Tests. Configurations are dependent on MS Build and command line. Hence we have to be proficient with command line tools and MS Build XML configuration.

What is the medium of build result notification?

The standard notification is email in Team Foundation Build Server. We can also add distribution list as an email for each pass and failed results. It also provides SOAP notifications.

How easy can we find help to troubleshoot?

Team Foundation Build Server is a proprietary system of Microsoft. It has product specification documentation. The entire feature present in it is well documented.

Summary on few other categories:

Category Team Foundation Build Server
Platform Windows, VSTM
License Proprietary
Windows Builder MSBuild
Other builders Custom script, Command line
Notification E-Mail, SOAP
IDE Integration Visual Studio, Eclipse
Other Integration Unknown

Read about Team City here.



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