I am a Pragmatic Programmer Part 3

This is Part 3 of 7 part series inspired from the book Pragmatic Programmer, read Part 2 here: Use Blackboards to Coordinate Workflow: Use blackboards to coordinate disparate facts and agents, while maintaining independence and isolation among participants. Estimate the Order of Your Algorithms: Get a feel for how long things are likely to take before… Continue reading I am a Pragmatic Programmer Part 3

UML Distilled book review

I got an opportunity to review a book named UML Distilled.  So here is the review that got publish in the internal office magazine. Have you ever wonder why it is difficult to understand an article on Design pattern which is always with diagram? Was it always difficult to explain an object design to your team… Continue reading UML Distilled book review

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C# in Depth book review

While doing my job I got opportunity to write a book review on a book C# in depth. I will confess, I don’t need too. I am not qualified to review Jon Skeet’s book. I have read some where that if Jon writes C# code and if it doesn’t compile that means the compiler’s is… Continue reading C# in Depth book review

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Clean Code : Functions

Some rules for functions: First rule for function is they are small. Second rule they are smaller than that. Lots of smaller function with better names will help you and your team because they will help you like a sign board and navigate you through your code. Don’t worry about function call overhead. It is… Continue reading Clean Code : Functions

Clean Code : Names

Some rules for name: Choose your names thoughtfully. Communicate your intent. Avoid Disinformation. Pronounceable Names. Avoid Encodings (Eg: ucp) Choose parts of speech well. The Scope rules. For variable name with larger scope have larger name and variable name with smaller scope have smaller name. With method and class names it is opposite for method/class… Continue reading Clean Code : Names