C# in Depth book review

While doing my job I got opportunity to write a book review on a book C# in depth. I will confess, I don’t need too. I am not qualified to review Jon Skeet’s book. I have read some where that if Jon writes C# code and if it doesn’t compile that means the compiler’s is buggy. So here is the review that got publish in the internal office magazine.

Anything simple always interests me. C# in Depth is one of the book that Dot Net Developer should have in their shelf, said by many programming gurus. I second them. I would like all of you to know the reason why I enjoyed reading this book and why it kept me interested.

The book solves a problem of making each developer understands the evolution of C# from 1.0 to 3.0. It took an example in C# 1.0 explained a problem which was difficult to solve using C# 1.0 and solved it with an example from features of C# 2.0. It beautify the solution more by using features of C# 3.0. This books answers questions of C# 3.0 like how to use Lambda expressions, Extension methods and LINQ.


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