Auto deployment

You can always get the How To @ msdn for setting up build server on Microsoft Team Foundation Server. I will list down few of my leanings while we tried setting up build server for more than 20 Dot Net projects.

Some points to remember while setting up the build server.

  1. Every action from check-in to deployment in the development server must be automated.
  2. Don’t do a Big up-front build server project setup for all projects. Start with couple of different kinds.
  3. Keep the merges to minimum. Avoid merges totally if possible.
  4. Keep a set of Automated Tests for sanity.
  5. Keep enough space on the build server.

Some of the above points might sound trivial but when you have lot of human intervention to deploy a build on the development server. Humans will become bottle neck when there are multiple deployments lined up. Make sure you setup a complete automated build with one click deployment even if it means to spend 2 weeks at office as it will pay off in long run.


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