JSTest.NET from Nuget integration with MS Test Series Part 1

JSTest.Net is an framework for xUnit testing of java script without browser. You can find the basic information here.

Since I cannot complete the detail information, this is a 6 part series of post

  1. Part 1: Intro & Installation of JSTest.Net using NuGet in Visual Studio.
  2. Part 2: Structural Overview of different component & its role.
  3. Part 3: Sample JavaScript test in .js file.
  4. Part 4: Creating JavascriptTestBase C# class as a helper class.
  5. Part 5: Integrating MS Test to execute the JavaScript test.
  6. Part 6: Guideline and thought process of using the complete structure.

JSTest.NET is a lightweight managed wrapper around the Windows Script Host (CScript.exe) available on any Windows machine. JSTest.NET enables JavaScript unit tests to be run directly in the test framework of your choice (MSTest, NUnit, xUnit, etc) without the need for a web browser. JSTest.NET is focused on testing JavaScript, and NOT on UI validation.

Installation of JSTest.Net using NuGet in Visual Studio:

  1. Right click on solution file and click on “Manage NuGet Packages”.
  2. Search Online for JSTest.Net by Chris Baxter.
  3. Click on install.

Now your Visual Studio is equipped with JSTest, read Part 2 here.


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