JQuery Mobile != Jquery

Recently I was working on Proof Of Concept with Jquery Mobile in one of our IPad application. It may sound like it will be same as Jquery. But to my surprise it was not. Since I am primarily a Web Developer, Mobile Development was something completely new to me.

I would suggest you that we must first understand the basic of mobile development since it is a paradigm shift for us. The screen real estate is less, Local memory, network failure, access to camera and other media etc. The whole documentation for Jquery Mobile can be found http://api.jquerymobile.com

An interesting topic to start with is Jquery document ready VS Jquery mobile page events:

The first thing you learn in jQuery is to call code inside the $(document).ready() so everything inside can execute as soon as DOM is loaded. However, in jQuery Mobile , Ajax is used to load the content of each page into the DOM as you navigate.

Because of this $(document).ready() will/may trigger before your first page is loaded and every code intended for a page manipulation will executed only after a page refresh, which brakes the purpose of using an ajax for page handling. This can be a very subtle problem. On some systems it may appear that it works fine, but on others it may cause erratic, difficult to repeat weirdness to occur.

The whole article can be read @ here


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