Positive Programmer

I wrote a FaceBook post on 29th July 2013

Programmer’s live a much positive life then Tester’s because the job role of a Programmer is to find solutions whereas Testers find problems. This behavior travels to their daily life too.

It had many comments but a strong opinion was made by my tester or rather QA friend Piyush Panchal. The fight between Developers and Testers is never ending its like the fight between Java programmer and .Net programmer or Managers and whole team. The list is huge.

I insist Programmer must raise their bar to Software Craftsmanship while doing it keeping a positive mindset is absolutely important.

  1. Programming is more of an art then science hence for a creative thinking positive mind will help.
  2. Have a ever heard about a pessimist giving a elegant solution.
  3. We always sit for troubleshooting with a positive mind that we will find the solution for the defect. (Try solving a problem with mindset that you can never solve it 🙂 )
  4. As Kent Beck creator of Extreme programming and TDD said programmers are shameless or else they would have left programming the first time when the compiler throw the error. Thus don’t take yourself too seriously.
  5. We create, so be positive in your creation and take failure as a learning. Richard Branson says when life hits you and you fall down. Pick yourself up clean up and go for another shot.

Happy Programming!


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