Past Decade blogs

I wanted to blog since long back may be around 2007, as I had many experience to share. It is very hard to start something which is not in your comfort zone, I procrastinated to blog. The discomfort was my poor skills in English grammar and my spelling mistake. But finally I pushed myself and started using my commute time for blogging using WordPress for android. So I generally collect the content while travelling and format it on my Laptop.

Now, since I am pumped up as I shared it with few of my friends. I am motivated to take a faith of leap and do something extreme with blog posting. I am planning to write 3 blogs per month for my past whole decade. Now there may be lot of questions but my idea here is I had many experience in my life’s archives.

I will try to explain few of the tactics I will be using during this process:

  1. I will go through my email archives.
  2. Chat with my old colleagues.
  3. Share about my weekend projects.
  4. Write about my trainings and meetings.
  5. Client side experience.
  6. Check my twitter feed.

This seems to be a huge commitment but I believe it’s worth the shot. Now, let’s create a Backlog for this project by doing some math

  • I am targeting 36 blogs for a year which is till October 2012.
  • Half hour for each blog post comes to a total of 18 hours.
  • This is roughly 3 working days or rather 1.5 weekends.
  • So now my big Goal looks manageable for at least 3 days.

The work has not yet started still I feel well in control. The key here is time boxing,  a concept from agile development process. My current velocity is 12 blogs per day or 6 blogs half day. I might also need to do retrospection after 3 days of work. The big goal is to hit 10 years from now that is till June 2004 when I started my career. So, the total blog count is 333 (Nelson in cricket) and 36 targeted above is the sub set if 333.

I will complete my decade of work experience in June 2014.

Happy blogging!



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