Pair programming Dojo Experience

I and my friend did a Dojo last month you can find it here. Below are the experience we had.

Gautam’s learning:

  1. How much the experiences of the 2 developers worked in different environments differ from one another. His way of coding, ways of finding & implementing solutions etc.
  2. Working with Vikram also forced myself to think of different ways to prove my point and to keep patients when there is discussion on a particular topic (Specially when we discussed about the starting point of the tests execution.)
  3. As far as coding is concerned I learn few shortcuts from tools and learned a better technique of renaming variables and functions which I knew how to do it but never thought of implementing not sure why.
  4. Above all I did my first TDD during this Dojo so got to learn a lot about it. Also learned about how keep your excitement in control while implementing various functionalists while working with TDD.
  5. Overall it was a small session of about 2 hours but we learned a lot from each other and looking forward to continue this Dojo.

My learning:

  1. How a solution approach is different of a person for instance: Gautam was insisting to add few more test cases to make sure the code is working were as I wanted to follow the rules that was instructed.
  2. The names of methods came lot better with 2 pairs of eyes.
  3. When we pair up with new individual how we must slow our self and the fellow member while learning new skills. Patience is the key.
  4. Learned a handful of key shortcuts which was a normal habit for the fellow member
  5. Adapting to work with new laptop with some of the keys placed totally difference from mine.

Even though most of our experience are alike, but adding it explicitly made a lot more sense of understanding.

Happy Pairing!


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